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I love to capture moments and emotions. Find the unusual in the ordinary. Beauty in the mundane. Document the present time. In short - to take photos and write. I photograph with natural light, and I am true to myself, the camera and the subject matter. There is nothing ugly in the world, it all depends on how we look at it. I believe that real and sincere wrinkles are more beautiful than an artificial glance of a digitally retouched skin. Wrinkles record the life experience in all its glory, but life experience - those are stories. And the stories are exactly what interests me the most.

  • Fundamentals of photography learned from Māris Kundziņš.

  • Professional bachelor's degree in Materials Technology and Design and Qualification of Product Designer obtained at Riga Technical University trained my eye in composition and colour schemes.

  • Master of Arts in Humanities (Folkloristics and Applied Heritage Studies) obtained at the University of Tartu broadened my worldview and the ways I perceive people around, as well as honed my writing and interviewing skills.

  • Languages: Latvian (native), English (IELTS Academic C1), Russian (basic communication level).

  • I have been traveling to destinations near and far, exploring different cultures and traditions.

  • I seek to approach my subject matter with an open mind, in order to notice the unusual and appreciate the beauty and diversity of the world.

  • My travel blog:



  • preserving a special day or event in photographs,

  • portraits in nature or urban environment,

  • reportages from events all over the world,

  • creating visual and textual content for social media,

  • creating a story about you or your product in photos and texts,

  • capturing in photographs the process of filming a broadcast,

  • articles on culture, design, art, traveling, nature excursions, adventures, hiking,

  • conducting interviews,

  • anything else in link with photography and writing,


Thank you!

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